Save Taxes And Retire (STAR)

Why Choose The Pension Company?

The Pension Company (TPC) administers retirement plan products and services for more than 800 plans - the success of which is demonstrated by our impressive client retention rate. You can rely on TPC to provide the stability, service and performance you need to help your employees plan for and build a secure retirement.

What You Need, When You Need it
Accessible and Responsive Team
When it comes to your financial future, you want to work with professionals who have proven the ability to deliver what clients need, when they need it. Although many companies provide similar retirement plan administration options, TPC differentiates itself by employing team members who pride themselves on accessibility and responsiveness, and who are interested in long-term business relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Adapting as Your Needs Change

Proactive, Open Communication
The form, frequency and substance of our communication are the foundation of a value-added relationship. Strong, effective year-round communication is critical to timely identification of planning opportunities and compliance requirements to meet your company's unique needs. As your business changes or employee needs and demands change, TPC's frequent and candid communication will enable us to keep your retirement plans aligned with present and future strategic goals.

Quality, Customized Plans

Timely, Thorough Provision of Services
In today's fast-paced business environment, more and more companies are choosing to focus on their core competencies, and leave other matters to more experienced professionals. The selection and administration of retirement plans is no exception. TPC teams work diligently to keep abreast of quality retirement plans that offer the greatest degree of flexibility and potential for positive return. This allows clients to focus on what they do best, and still reap maximum end rewards.

Focus on Your Strategies and Goals

Commitment to Exceeding Service Expectations
To best serve your company, it is critical that we understand your strategies and goals. This knowledge will enable us to identify opportunities for plan improvement, risk mitigation and cost savings. Our highly skilled plan administrators, on-site legal counsel and independence from any particular plans or products result in unmatched, integrated service delivery to our clients. What your company needs today may not be what it needs tomorrow. At TPC, we pledge to make day-to-day decisions with your long-term goals in mind - always looking out for your best interest.

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